Sec 2 Streaming

Submitted by root on 16 October 2015 - 2:28pm

This is a Streaming Exercise for Secondary Two students going on to Secondary Three in 2017 .
Students are advised to choose their subject combinations based on their interest, ability and aptitude. Placement is dependent on academic merit and availability of places in the option.
Express: 4 to 6 Choices
Normal(A): 4 to 6 Choices.


Registration Period 21 Oct 2016 (Fri) 2:00pm to 25 Oct 2016 (Tue) 2:00pm
(Submit Confirmation Slip with Parent's Signature to Form Teacher)
Submit HardCopy By 26 Oct 2016 (Wed) 12:00pm
Check Allocation Result 07 Nov 2016 (Mon) 2:00pm
Appeal Period 07 Nov 2016 (Mon) 2:00pm to 09 Nov 2016 (Wed) 9:00am
(Submit Appeal Letter to General Office)

Student may download the Online Userguide (See Attachment) for reference.


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